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There are various techniques used by a SEO consultant to improve your website traffic. Off-Page technique is one of the SEO technique utilized by the search engine to enhance the position of your website in the search results. Many people thinks that Link building is the only off- Page optimization technique available to increase your website visibility. But it is not true and there are various off-Page methods available for raking your website higher apart from promoting your website.

In off-Page SEO, optimization techniques are used outside your website to improve traffic. The most essential off-Page SEO techniques are Social media, link building and social book marking. By using these optimization techniques your website ranks higher in the search engine, list in the top pages of Google and your website are exposed more to users.

In Link Building method, external links will be created to your website whereas an article and references of your website is given in other’s website or blog. Some of the methods used in link building feature are Forum Signatures, Blog directories, Articles directories and comment link. You must ensure that your website acquires link from tough places. There will be more value to your website if the links are made in hard-to-get places.

You must ensure that proper Social media methods are used to promote your website that increases your ranking in Google. In social media optimization methods, business account will be created in social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You must update your new product images, videos and if the user’s visiting your page is interested with your product, user will share it to their friend’s group and exposure of your product in large online group is achieved in this method.

Social Bookmarking is not very much popular in recent times as in the past but you can still consider this. You can promote your website based on your business nature in websites like dig.com, reddit.com etc.


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