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link-building-toolsIf you thought you may need loads of tools to promote link building, just read on. Just simple and straightforward tools can help building links. There are hundreds of tools available when it comes to link building but not all are suitable to accomplish the goal. Top SEO experts have chalked out just three tools for a successful link building that even a new comer blogger can use to promote their blog. Using tools that yield immediate results is the best way to move up the ranking ladder. Some of the favorite tools used by a link building company include BuzzStream, Majestic SEO, Ahrefs, Google webmaster tools and link prospector.

BuzzStream is a great tool popularly used by bloggers. This can be compared to CRM with inbuilt research tools. It is a comprehensive tool used to promote link building. The support offered by this tool is great. The tool is easy to use and is inevitable if you are focusing on link building. Link Prospector designed by Citation Labs is used to located link building prospects. It is easy and quick. Through this, you can find some great sites to build your links from. Again the results depend on what you put in. Depending on the input, the output is defined.

Rank Tracker is another important tool and definitely needs a mention here. It is used to check for search engine rankings of your website. In case you want to check your page ranking from other locations ensure you use a VPN or Proxy. Whatever link building strategies you use to ensure you come up with the most natural content that will bring in more visits and recognized by Google moving your web page high up the search engine ranking. Though the process is elaborate for a more comprehensive result it is good to go with three tools. Some experts even add Google Docs, Alexa and more.


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